Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning by Dry Step thoroughly and safely cleans your tiled flooring without the addition of damaging heat and excessive moisture which can cause the flooring to become loose and even crack. Excessive and uncontrollable moisture can also seep into the grout pores and trap the dirt where it may never be extracted.

Our unique process starts by introducing a controlled dose of moisture that coats the surface with an environment-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product. This begins to loosen any existing dirt and grime on the flooring right away. Our specialized equipment then uses counter-rotating brushes to scrub the area, lifting and extracting the soiling from the flooring surface. Afterward, we make sure all remaining unclean water is removed from tile and grout surfaces through a gentle mopping for complete cleanliness!

If your tile and grout is in need of a professional cleaning, Dry Step can help! We are experienced in the cleaning of many types of tiled flooring, from ceramic to porcelain tile and grout. Our knowledgeable technicians can help brighten your flooring and your home.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning
Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cleaning process?

The Dry Step process is a proprietary low-moisture “dry extraction” system that uses significantly less water than most of our tile & grout cleaning competitors. Our cleaning machines contain counter-rotating brushes that work with our eco-friendly oxy and enzymatic cleaning solutions to loosen and extract dirt and grime from tile & grout flooring. We finish up by performing a mopping of the cleaned area.

How soon can I be back on the cleaned areas?

Our cleaning process allows you to return to normal life almost instantly. Because of our low-moisture process, when our technicians finish cleaning an area, you are able to walk on the area immediately (clean feet recommended!).

Are your cleaning solutions safe?

Yes! All of our cleaning solutions are safe and non-toxic for adults, children, and pets alike. We don't use any harsh chemicals and our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly.

Do you clean tiled walls and ceilings?

No, we only clean tile & grout on flooring surfaces.

Do I need to keep exterior doors open while you're cleaning?

No. Our cleaning system is self-contained inside your home. Unlike truck-mounted system, we don't have hoses and cables running outside, so you are able to keep your doors shut. This helps keep pets contained and the hot or cold weather from invading your living space!

What areas do you serve?

From our headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, we provide tile & grout cleaning to all of Delaware County, Franklin County, Knox County, Licking County, Marion County, Morrow County, and Union County. We are most regularly serving customers in Delaware, Powell, Lewis Center, Sunbury, Westerville, New Albany, Dublin, and everywhere in between!

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