Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Low Moisture & Quick Drying

Dry Step's carpet and rug cleaning is where effectiveness meets convenience. Our process uses less than one teaspoon of controlled moisture to clean one square foot of moderately soiled carpet, allowing our customers to get back to normal life faster! When our technician has finished cleaning an area, you are able to immediately walk on the area without fear of wicking additional soiling up from the carpet padding and without stepping in a puddle of water! Most areas are completely dry within 1 hour.

Our specially designed carpet and rug cleaning system offers a wide range of advantages that other systems can't. Our process reduces microbial activity, bacteria growth, mold, mildew, dust mite allergens (feces) and pet allergens in one go! With just one cleaning from our experienced technicians, you'll be able to significantly improve your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). It's the perfect way to make sure your space is safe for everyone living inside it. Research has shown that a single cleaning can significantly reduce dust mites by over 75%, pet and cat allergens by more than 80%, as well as mold spores up to 85%.

Our eco-friendly products are non-toxic and totally safe for use around both children and animals. Meaning you can safely use Dry Step's carpet and rug cleaning service in any home or office environment with peace of mind!

The results speak for themselves. Our carpet cleaning process has been deemed the most reliable and effective by our community, so why go anywhere else?

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Dry Step has been voted BEST CARPET CLEANING in Delaware County 15 years in a row!

Thank you to Readers' Choice and our customers for awarding us this honor.

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Carpet & Rug Cleaning
Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cleaning process?

The Dry Step process is a proprietary low-moisture “dry extraction” system that uses less than one teaspoon of controlled moisture for each square foot of moderately soiled carpet. Our cleaning machines contain counter-rotating brushes that work with our eco-friendly oxygenized and enzymatic cleaning solutions to bring dirt and grime to the surface for extraction.

How soon can I use my carpet and rugs when you're finished?

Our cleaning process allows you to return to normal life almost instantly. Because of our low-moisture process, when our technicians finish cleaning an area, you are able to walk on the area immediately (clean feet recommended!). Most areas will be completely dry within an hour, while some heavily soiled areas may take a bit longer.

Are your cleaning solutions safe?

Yes! All of our cleaning solutions are safe and non-toxic for adults, children, and pets alike. We don't use any harsh chemicals and our cleaning solutions are eco-friendly.

Can you treat pet stains and odors?

Dry Step specializes in cleaning up after our customers' beloved pets. Our enzymatic pet stain and odor solution is ideal for tackling tough spots and smells.

Do you clean oriental rugs? Are there any rugs you don't clean?

Whether or not any rug can be cleaned is based on the thickness and sturdiness of the rug. Some rugs, particularly oriental rugs, are too thin to be cleaned by our system. In those cases, we recommend those rugs be sent to a cleaning company that employs special cleaning apparatus in their shops. Our technician will be happy to evaluate your oriental rug to determine which option will work best for you.

Why don't you use steam?

Steam cleaning has been around dozens of years, but many people are unaware of the significant drawbacks of the steam cleaning process. A typical steam cleaning system puts around 12.5 gallons of water into each 100 square feet of carpet surface. Even with the best truck mounted systems, up to 17% of that water may not be extracted! Excess water left behind not only serves as a breeding ground for microorganisms, but it can also attract dirt and debris, causing you to need another cleaning sooner. Additionally, because of all the excess moisture left behind, it could take several hours or even weeks before you're able to use the area as normal again. Furthermore, the high heat of steam cleaning can cause damage to some carpet fibers.

Do I need to keep exterior doors open while you're cleaning?

No. Our cleaning system is self-contained inside your home. Unlike truck-mounted system, we don't have hoses and cables running outside, so you are able to keep your doors shut. This helps keep pets contained and the hot or cold weather from invading your living space!

What areas do you serve?

From our headquarters in Delaware, Ohio, we provide carpet & rug cleaning to all of Delaware County, Franklin County, Knox County, Licking County, Marion County, Morrow County, and Union County. We are most regularly serving customers in Delaware, Powell, Lewis Center, Sunbury, Westerville, New Albany, Dublin, Columbus, and everywhere in between!

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