Professional residential cleaning of carpet, rugs, tile/grout,
upholstery, air ducts and  dryer vents.

Our Process

The Dry Step Process uses less than one teaspoon of controlled moisture to clean one square foot of moderately soiled carpet.  Wet or "steam" cleaning processes use one cup of water or more to clean the same square foot of moderately soiled carpet! (1)

A carpeted floor has four layers - (1) the carpet yarns (the part you see), (2)the carpet backing, (3)the padding and (4)the floor underneath or sub-floor.   If a building or home contains one-thousand square feet of carpeting, that means it takes approximately 125 gallons of water to clean that area with a traditional steam cleaning process.  Our system would use approximately one gallon of "controlled" moisture to clean that same amount of carpet.

It's a fact, water runs downward due to gravity.  It runs evens faster when it is being forcefully propelled downward.  So the 125 gallons of water must be extracted out.  With even the best truck mounted extraction system available, a carpeted floor will still retain about 17% of the water that has been propelled into it.  That may not seem like much, but 17% equates to approximately 21 gallons of water still left in your carpet and sub layers. 

On average,  it will take one full week to two weeks for all the layers of your carpet to completely dry, not the 24 to 48 hours as commonly quoted by steam cleaning associates.  And just because the carpet may feel dry on the top in a few days or a week, that does not mean the 3 layers below are dry.  Meanwhile, the retained wetness forms the perfect breeding ground for both microbial and biological activity to occur such as the production of bacteria, mold and mildew. 

On average our system uses less than one teaspoon of "controlled" moisture per square foot of carpeted area for normal soiling. This means with normal soiling, most areas of the carpet are usually dry within 20 minutes. Heavily soiled, high traffic areas and spots can take upwards of 2 - 4 hours or longer depending on how many times we have to go over the areas. The beauty of our process is that we can go over an area as many times as is necessary without saturating your carpet and leaving it soaking wet for days!

Our carpet and rug cleaning system actually removes and  drastically reduces microbial and biological activity and growth such as bacteria, mold,  mildew, dust mites, dust mite allergens (feces) and pet allergens.  Unlike no other cleaning system, our system actually improves your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) with just one cleaning!    Research studies have shown that just one cleaning reduces dust mites by 78%, dust-mite allergens by 75%, cat allergens by 85% and mold spores by 85%.  Additionally, all cleaning materials and products used in our cleaning process non-toxic, environmentally friendly and are 100% safe for use, even around children and pets!

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